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DeAndre Carter houses 101-yard kick return to open second half for Washington Football Team [Video]

The NFL has their first kickoff return for a touchdown of the season.

Washington Football Team v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Well that’s one way to come out of the locker room!

Washington Football Team return man DeAndre Carter gave his team an immediate jolt to start the second half of Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, housing a 101-yard kick return for a touchdown.

That return gave Washington a 19-17 lead to start the third quarter and interestingly enough, that was Carter’s first career touchdown.

A 2015 undrafted free agent from Sacramento State, Carter has spent his career bouncing from practice squad to practice squad, serving stints with the Ravens, Raiders, Patriots, 49ers, Eagles, Texans, and Bears before signing on with WFT this past April.

Career-wise, the journeyman receiver has recorded 34 receptions for 386 yards during his stint in the NFL. Returning a kick like this and nearly flipping an entire game is a heck of a way to stick with a roster. Let’s see what else he does this afternoon.