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Fantasy football trade analyzer: TEs I should trade for or trade away now

We take a look at some fantasy football tight ends that you should trade for while their value is low and players to trade away that while value is high.

Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos
Mark Andrews of the Baltimore Ravens makes a reception against Justin Simmons of the Denver Broncos in the first half at Empower Field At Mile High on October 03, 2021 in Denver, Colorado.
Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

Through four weeks, the tight end position continues to throw fantasy managers for a loop. The convention thinking of the position is “either take the first guy or the last guy” but there’s still ways to find players who will deliver consistent production. This position does have the highest variance in fantasy football, given how the majority of tight ends in the league are dependent on touchdowns to deliver value.

If you are a manager holding one of the top tight ends, you are in the power position when it comes to negotiating for improvements elsewhere. If you are a manager looking for a tight end upgrade, don’t expect it to come cheap. This is the position where it’s hard to find a definitive upgrade, and the definitive upgrades might cost you multiple key pieces of your roster. Tread carefully with tight ends, regardless of who you have at the position.

Here’s a list of tight ends that you should trade for and trade away in your fantasy football leagues.

TEs to trade for in fantasy football

Raiders TE Darren Waller: TE7 in fantasy football leagues

Waller saw a ridiculous 19 targets in the season opener against the Ravens, a product of the Raiders throwing the ball a lot and their young wide receivers still developing. The tight end got seven targets in both of the following weeks and is a consistent source of production. As a guy who has caught 90+ balls in each of the last two seasons, expect Waller to be a force going forward.

Rams TE Tyler Higbee: TE17 in fantasy football leagues

Higbee is a viable replacement for those looking to give away a top tight end in exchange for help elsewhere on the roster. The Rams are going to be a good offense and in competitive games, meaning Higbee will have plenty of opportunities to score points. He may get lost among LA’s many weapons, but he’s a good player who should eventually get into the top 10 by the end of the season.

49ers TE George Kittle: TE14 in fantasy football leagues

Trey Lance has entered the fray for the 49ers at quarterback, and that’s a good thing for the team’s skill players. As solid as Jimmy Garoppolo was, he doesn’t give San Francisco the same dynamic look Lance does. Kittle will show why he’s considered one of the best tight ends in the league with the rookie under center.

TEs to trade away in fantasy football

Ravens TE Mark Andrews: TE10 in fantasy football leagues

Andrews is a great tight end who signed a contract extension before the season, but he’s in a run-heavy offense. Furthermore, the Ravens receivers are starting to get healthier and should command some more looks. Baltimore’s tight end might still hold a high reputation among other managers, so there’s a chance you can charge an arm and a leg for a player who could see his stock go down slightly as the year moves along.

Eagles TE Dallas Goedert: TE6 in fantasy football leagues

Goedert is producing at a high level through four weeks and is coming off a good performance against the Chiefs with 56 yards and a score. The presence of Zach Ertz hasn’t been concerning, but Jalen Hurts’ shaky play and the Eagles potentially leaning more on the run game could be. This is another player managers can get a good return for.

Lions TE T.J. Hockenson: TE5 in fantasy football leagues

Hockenson gets a fair amount of targets weekly and is a good fantasy play. That being said, it’s hard to see him maintaining his current production as the fifth-ranked tight end. Jared Goff is showing why the Rams moved on from him, and the Lions like what they have in the backfield with D’Andre Swift and Jamaal Williams. As the receivers improve, Hockenson’s target share could go down significantly. This is an opportunity to make major improvements elsewhere on the roster.