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Tiger Woods posts video taking a swing ninth months after leg, ankle surgery

Tiger Woods continues working back from a February car accident.

Tiger Woods taking a swing at practice

Tiger Woods is rehabbing from multiple leg and ankle fractures suffered in a February car accident, and on Sunday, November 21, we got some video! The legendary golfer posted video of him swinging an iron. He’s got a sleeve on his injured right leg but notes that he is “making progress.”

In October, Woods was seen watching his son at a junior event. They were at a practice tee and Woods was overseeing his son’s prep work.

It will still be some time before Woods is able to return to competitive action. One Olympic osteopath said he would be surprised if Woods was able to return in time for the 2022 Masters. That’s five months away and we are certain to see more recovery videos along the way. He finished 38th in the 2020 Masters and won it in 2019. Prior to missing this year’s Masters, Woods missed the 2014, 2016, and 2017 Masters.