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Who are ManningCast guests for Week 11 Monday Night Football and the curse remains real

The eighth version of the ManningCast will feature no active players in Week 11. No matter what the Mannings say, the curse is real.

Entertainer Kevin Hart dances on the field before the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints at Lincoln Financial Field on November 21, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The ManningCast is back for Week 11 Monday Night Football, and we have far and away the most random collection of notable figures joining this week.

Peyton Manning’s production company announced the four guests for the game and they include former NFL head coach Bill Parcells, comedian and noted Eagles fan Kevin Hart, football fan and former Secretary of State (among other things) Condoleeza Rice, and former NFL player Julian Edelman.

In case you have not watched the ManningCast, it is an alternate MNF broadcast on ESPN2 in which Peyton and Eli discuss the game and whatever else is on their minds, while having a different guest come on each quarter.

The broadcast has raised some concerns about a curse among active NFL players. Through six broadcasts prior to last week the ManningCast appeared to have unleashed a curse on any active player who takes part in the show. Most recently, Week 8 guest Josh Allen saw his Bills squad lose a shocking upset to the Jaguars in Week 9.

Last week, the brothers acknowledged the curse but tried to push back on it — even as they had no active players on the broadcast for the first time. This week there have been jokes about Draymond Green’s Warriors winning and thus snapping the curse, but we all know this is about active NFL players. And for the second straight week, there are none.

The broadcast gets started at 8:13 p.m. ET on ESPN2.