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Who are the top free agent third basemen available this offseason?

We go over some of the big names at 3B heading into free agency this offseason.

Kris Bryant #23 of the San Francisco Giants runs to third base against the Los Angeles Dodgers second inning in game 4 of the National League Division Series at Dodger Stadium on October 12, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Will Nolan Arenado opt out of his contract? He’s owed at least $30 million over each of the next four seasons, so it’s hard to imagine that the 30-year-old would turn that down, especially given the sport’s uncertain future as the collective bargaining agreement is set to expire next month. But conversely, he would make third base a much more interesting position in free agency this winter.

Outside of Arenado, there is one other marquee name in Kris Bryant. Kyle Seager hit 35 home runs in 2021, but his other stats and metrics were pretty terrible and he’s heading into his age-34 season.

Here is a list of noteworthy third basemen who are currently free agents. They are ordered by their 2021 FanGraphs WAR and will include their most recent team and their 2022 age. Any noteworthy players who have either a club option, a player option or a mutual option still outstanding will be included below as well. The decision deadline for all options is Sunday.

2022 MLB free agent third basemen

Kris Bryant: San Francisco Giants, 3.6 WAR, 30 years old
Eduardo Escobar: Milwaukee Brewers, 3.0 WAR, 33 years old
Kyle Seager: Seattle Mariners, 2.5 WAR, 34 years old
Jonathan Villar: New York Mets, 2.1 WAR, 31 years old
Matt Duffy: Chicago Cubs, 1.5 WAR, 31 years old

Players with 2022 option still outstanding
Wilmer Flores (club option): San Francisco Giants, 1.2 WAR, 30 years old