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Canelo vs. Plant results: Canelo Alvarez becomes first undisputed super middleweight champ

Canelo Álvarez and Caleb Plant are fighting for the undisputed super middleweight championship. We’ll be updating round by round.

Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant face off face off during their official weigh-in at MGM Grand Garden Arena on November 5, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Update 11:48 p.m. The bell rings, here we go!

Update 11:25 p.m. The fighters are getting ready for walkouts as the national anthems are being played, and we’ll be here with full coverage once they get in the ring.

It’s fight night in Las Vegas and we get arguably the biggest title fight of the year. Canelo Álvarez and Caleb Plant face off at MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday evening to crown the first undisputed super middleweight champion of the four-belt era. Canelo is putting the WBA, WBC, WBO, and The Ring titles on the line while Plant will put up his IBF title and undefeated record.

Ring walks will hopefully happen sometime in the 11 p.m. ET hour, but with a big fight like this, I don’t think anybody would be surprised if they didn’t start fighting until after midnight. Either way, this fight will be over by the time you have to set your clocks back an hour for Daylight Savings Time.

We’ll be here to provide live scores for however many rounds the fight lasts. Canelo is a massive favorite at DraftKings Sportsbook, installed at -1000. Plant is a +600 underdog. Total rounds is installed at 9.5 with under priced at -130.

The referee for the fight is Russell Mora. The judges are Dave Moretti, Patricia Morse Jarman, and Steve Weisfeld.

If Canelo wins the fight, he’ll have officially cleaned out the super middleweight division. He could take aim at David Benavidez’s undefeated record, or he could elect to move up to light heavyweight or back down to middleweight. On the more offbeat side, UFC star Kamaru Usman has been pushing to fight him. Given the lack of significant competition for Canelo, maybe he takes the pay check. But first, he needs to beat Plant.

And here we go!

Round 1 Alvarez 10-9

This might not take long. Alvarez walking down the bigger man at will, staying in behind his punches, and is having little trouble getting inside. Some crisp right hands came in from behind the jab as well.

Round 2 Alvarez 10-9

Closer, but even more pressure from Alvarez. Plant needs to find a way to establish the jab or else he’s not going to be able to punch at the range he wants.

Round 3 Alvarez 10-9

Still very close, but Alvarez gets the tiny edge thanks to his left hooks landing.

Round 4 Alvarez 10-9

The lefts from Canelo are the difference so far. This isn’t domination by Alvarez as Plant is making himself big and is for sure pushing him back with his size. But Canelo is winning these rounds.

Round 5 Alvarez 10-9

More of the same, with Plant sometimes finding the range, but for the most the power punches came from Canelo. Plant just isn’t able to string two and three punches together at a time.

Round 6 Alvarez 10-9

Some of the other rounds I wouldn’t object if you scored the other way, but this was Canelo’s best of the fight. Cleaner shots, better ring generalship, and slipping everything Plant has done.

Round 7 Plant 10-9

Despite a nice flurry at the end for the favorite, Plant dominated most of the round with his jab and ability to get away from punches. He earned one being so close so many times.

Round 8 Plant 10-9

Another good round from Plant, but it was close again. This is all coming down to what you value as a fight judge: Number of punches landed, or power and ring generalship. The power is for sure coming from Alvarez.

Round 9 Alvarez 10-9

Better from Alvarez, but another close one. After the first round, it’s a surprise we’re in double-digits here. Also more activity from Alvarez and it seems Plant might be tiring a bit.

Round 10 Alvarez 10-9

The body shots from the left hand of Alvarez are the difference. They don’t look as pretty, but they are far more effective and inflict more damage.

Round 11 Canelo Alvarez wins by TKO at 1:55 of the 11th round

Canelo puts Plant on the canvas for the first time in his career, and 20 seconds later he did it again to finish the bout. Canelo Alvarez has unified all five belts at super middleweight, and is pound-for-pound the top fighter in boxing at this moment.