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When is the next Manningcast? When will Peyton & Eli Manning appear on Monday Night Football

The ManningCast is taking a week off, and active NFL players take a deep breath.

Peyton Manning (left) and Eli Manning (right) walk on the third hole during the first round of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament at Spyglass Hill Golf Course. Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Monday PM update: Omaha Productions announced the Week 10 guests. The list includes Al Michaels, Phil Mickelson, Draymond Green, and Philip Rivers.

Monday AM update: Adam Schefter is reporting Philip Rivers will be a guest on the Week 10 ManningCast. We’ll update with more names as they arrive.

The 2021 NFL season has featured a fun new alternative for Monday Night Football broadcasts. While ESPN airs the traditional broadcast, ESPN2 has offered Eli Manning and Peyton Manning in the “ManningCast.” The brothers discuss the game, poke at each other as only siblings can do, and bring on a variety of guests both inside and outside the world of football. It’s an all around good time.

Unfortunately, the brothers only signed on to do ten of these telecasts across 17 Monday Night Football weeks. The ManningCast aired in Week 8, but will not be back for Week 9. The brothers announced at the end of last week’s game that they will be back in Week 10 for the 49ers-Rams MNF contest.

The big question for that game is whether or not an active NFL player will be willing to appear. Thus far, Travis Kelce, Russell Wilson, Rob Gronkowski, Matthew Stafford, Tom Brady, and Josh Allen have all appeared on the broadcast, and they all lost the following week. At first it was amusing, but when the Jaguars stunned the Bills this past Sunday, it became something we might just have to take seriously.

We won’t have the Manning brothers in our lives Monday night when the Steelers host the Bears, c’est la vie. We still get some football, and even if Bears-Steelers could get ugly, it’s better than nothing!