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Michael Gallup grabs two receptions for 53 yards in 2nd quarter after slow start in Week 16

Cowboys WR reverses his fortune with two big grabs in 2nd quarter in Week 16 against Washington.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Gallup (13) reacts after making a first down in the first quarter against the Atlanta Falcons at AT&T Stadium. Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Good news for those playing Gallup this week in their fantasy playoffs, as he quickly turned no targets and no receptions into two targets, two receptions and 53 yards in the second quarter.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Gallup has yet to see a target in the first quarter and now a defensive touchdown by Demarcus Lawrence will likely hurt his prospects going into the second quarter.

Gallup isn’t injured, but with the Cowboys have shown a concerted effort to get Amari Cooper the ball. Gallup appears to be left out at the moment. For Gallup to truly see work moving forward, we’ll probably need to see a lot more scoring from Taylor Heinicke and Washington’s offense.