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Every episode of the Gill Alexander Beating The Book Podcast and how to listen & download

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Gill Alexander, host of Beating The Book podcast

Beating The Book, often cited as one of the original and best sports betting podcasts, features sports bettor and broadcaster Gill Alexander offering sports handicapping advice as well as interviewing the greatest sports bettors in the world for their secrets to successful gambling.

Beating The Book focuses on the NFL handicapping, gives free picks on spread and total wagering as well as props, and reveals successful sports betting strategies.

Gill is host of two daily shows, A Numbers Game and Prime Time Action, on VSiN, The Sports Betting Network. and made his name in the sports betting industry because of his use of predictive analytics to become a winning bettor.

During the NFL season, Gill does two episodes a week: “Guessing Lines” and “NFL Mega-Pod.” “Guessing Lines” is with South Point Hotel & Casino Sportsbook Director Chris Andrews, who brings over 30 years of bookmaking experience to the table. The episode, posted Monday, is designed to find an edge in the upcoming week’s NFL betting lines.

For the “NFL Mega-Pod,” published every Thursday, Gill conducts an NFL handicapping round table with industry sports betting experts. Every week, Gill and 3 others each give three best bets on the NFL schedule. Plus they offer their teasers of the week, survivor picks, which big favorite is most likely to lose outright, and which game you should steer clear of at all costs.

During the NFL off-season, Gill does special episodes previewing MLB, March Madness, the Kentucky Derby, the Masters and other big sports betting events.

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