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NBA trade machine: Cooking up some deals involving Ben Simmons, Sixers

We use the NBA trade machine to generate some hypothetical trades for the Sixers All-Star and Philly in its quest for a title.

Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons warms up before game seven of the second round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks at Wells Fargo Center. Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA trade deadline is still months away, but we are inching closer to December 15th, which means players who were just signed as free-agents in the offseason are now eligible to potentially moved in a deal.

This date opens up the realm of possibilities for many teams around the NBA, including the Philadelphia 76ers, who are waiting to move All-Star point guard Ben Simmons. Simmons has yet to play in a regular season game for the Sixers and has been fined $6.3 million up to this point. It’s clear that the team will move him sometime this season, but it ultimately depends for who as the Sixers reportedly have this list of 30 players that they would accept in a trade.

With that in mind, we are going to play the role of Sixers general manager and come up with a couple of trade deals involving Simmons. We will not be using NBA 2K’s trade finder for this exercise, but instead the good ole trade machine.

Trade 1: Sixers-Wizards

Sixers get: Bradley Beal, Rui Hachimura, 2025 1st round pick
Wizards get: Ben Simmons, Danny Green, Shake Milton, and 2023 1st round pick

The Wizards have played solid basketball under first-year head coach Wes Unseld Jr. this season, but All-Star guard Bradley Beal still has not signed a max contract extension, which is making fans wonder if he would stay in D.C. after his current deal is up. Beal is one of the 30 players on the Sixers’ proverbial list of players that they would accept in a trade.

If Washington and Beal decide that he isn’t staying for the long-term, then it might be best for them to acquire Simmons, who solidifies the point guard spot and gives them someone who would be there for multiple years. However, the tough part is coming up with who the Sixers would give up in a deal for Beal.

Beal was asked in an interview with Chris B. Hayes of Yahoo Sports why he hasn’t signed a max deal yet and the All-Star scorer responded back with, “And at the same time I’m giving Shep that opportunity to show that it’s working. At the same time I’m not going to make that grand commitment and it doesn’t work. Ultimately, you have to be selfish at some point. For probably the first time in my career, year 10, I am.

“My full commitment is to the team. I want it to work. I’ve contributed to being here. I’ve committed to being here twice. Now I want to see that commitment to me as well. That we can create a winning team here, a winning environment. Granted, I’m a part of that. I have to make sure I’m stepping up and doing my thing just as well.”

If I’m the Sixers, I’d give up Simmons, Danny Green (eligible to be moved on Dec. 15th), Shake Milton and a first round pick. Washington gets stability, a first round pick, and defense. Meanwhile, the Sixers get an excellent scorer to go in the backcourt with Seth Curry and Tyrese Maxey.

Trade 2: Sixers-Blazers-Pacers

Sixers get: Damian Lillard
Blazers get: Ben Simmons, Jeremy Lamb, Myles Turner, 2024 1st round (IND), 2022 1st round (via PHI)
Pacers get: Robert Covington, Jusuf Nurkic, 2024 1st round (via POR), Shake Milton

It’s no secret that the Sixers want Damian Lillard and at the same time, we are starting to see a shake up and leaks coming out of Portland. Then we heard on Tuesday that Indiana could decide to move Domantas Sabonis, Caris LeVert, or Myles Turner.

So we decided to create this wild-three team that does not have a chance of happening, but you never know. The Sixers straight up get their guy in Damian Lillard to pair with Joel Embiid. Now you could see additional pieces leaving from Philly, but that’s only if it involves someone else like Anfernee Simons coming from Portland.

As for the Blazers, they get Ben Simmons and an upgrade at center in Myles Turner to give them some necessary defense that they lack. They also pick up Jeremy Lamb and two first-round picks to help them rebuild under head coach Chauncey Billups. Lastly, the Pacers get Jusuf Nurkic, who is on an expiring deal, along with Robert Covington. And we will throw in Shake Milton, who still has two years left on his current deal. The Pacers will find additional players, if they choose to move LeVert or Sabonis.