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Report: Colts offer two 2nd round picks for Carson Wentz

The Eagles are reportedly talking to the Colts and looking to get a deal done. We break down where things stand.

Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on before the game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on December 27, 2020 in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles have put word out that they would like a King’s ransom for Carson Wentz, but that was never going to come to fruition. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t get something of value for the disgruntled former franchise quarterback. The most recent offer appears to be from the Indianapolis Colts, who, according to ex-Eagles quarterback and NFL insider, Ron Jaworski, is an offer of “two 2nd-round draft choices, maybe a 3rd or 4th down the road. That appears to be the best offer I have heard.”

On the surface, that looks like a pretty good offer for a quarterback that had one of the worst seasons a quarterback could have. Wentz was finally benched for rookie Jalen Hurts, who was at least able to give the Eagles offense some spark down the stretch.

Colts head coach Frank Reich was with the Eagles when Wentz was playing his best football and would likely be the best person to help him turn things around. We know Wentz can perform like he did in 2017 under Reich, as he was in the MVP race before his late season injury.

The Colts have Reich first and foremost, but they also have a strong offensive line and running game, which was lacking in Philadelphia last season. The Chicago Bears are also in the running for Wentz, but the Colts would be the best landing spot.