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EA Sports announces college football video game is coming back

The official game of your dorm room will return, and college football fans are over the moon. No date yet, but we’ve got details below.

No room for racism and EA Sports badges on the sleeve of referee Lee mason during the Premier League match between Leicester City and Everton at The King Power Stadium on December 16, 2020 in Leicester, United Kingdom.  Photo by Plumb Images/Leicester City FC via Getty Images

In the middle of a worldwide pandemic and after a sometimes painful college football season, fans got some terrific news on Tuesday.

EA Sports is bringing their beloved NCAA College Football game back.

This is made more possible under the new rules put forth by the NCAA regarding Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) that will allow college student athletes to capitalize on who they are while still retaining eligibility.

In 2016, 24,932 checks were issued as part of a class action lawsuit for the players image and likeness being used by the games, though the actual player names were not. So the fact Alabama would have had an outrageously good tight end with excellent blocking and pass catching stats that wore No. 80 was just a coincidence... it wasn’t really OJ Howard.

ESPN added more details, saying how this will happen, from EA Sports Vice President and General Manager Daryl Holt:

Holt said there is not a date on when the game will return or even a date where the return will be announced other than it won’t be coming back for this year.

To make the game happen, EA Sports partnered with collegiate licensing company CLC to make sure they had the FBS schools, traditions, uniforms and playbooks — among other things — ready to go for the game. Over 100 teams will be in the game.

EA will also need the players to concede their NIL rights to add them to the game as well, but they’ll keep developing without rosters for now. “We’ll just keep tabs on everything as it develops and we’ll be ready,” Holt said. “That won’t be a problem for us. But it’s really, that’s not an answer for us right now to decide.”

The game name will change as well, as the new project will be known as “EA Sports College Football.”

How long has it been since we’ve had an NCAA Football title? Denard “Shoelace” Robinson was the last player on the cover of the game.

But that looks like it won’t the case for long, as EA is back in the college football business. And fans across America will be rejoicing on social media pretty much constantly until we get more details.