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Full Pro Day workout schedule leading up to 2021 NFL Draft

The Pro Day workouts will be more important in 2021 due to no NFL Combine. We break down the schedule of dates.

Gallaudet University football standout Adham Talaat runs the 40 yard dash during his pro day workout for NFL scouts from seven teams at the University on April 9, 2014 in Washington, DC. Photo by Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images

The 2021 NFL Draft starts on April 29th, and the NFL has announced the date of the annual Pro Days for each college or university. The full list of dates is below. While the timeline of the Pro Days is similar to years past, they take on added significance this year in what is a unique pre-draft process.

Normally, the pre-draft process includes the NFL Combine in late February, Pro Day workouts, private workouts, and team visits. However, this year that will be different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Combine has been canceled and teams are not allowed to host private visits or private workouts. Teams will be able to speak with players via Zoom, but the workout portion of the pre-draft process will end up primarily in the Pro Days.

There are some exceptions to this. Trevor Lawrence had a workout for NFL scouts in February, but he had surgery planned for his non-throwing shoulder and so he worked out in advance of Clemson’s March 11th Pro Day.

Below is the full list of Pro Day workouts. It opens with Kansas on March 5th and closes with Alabama-Birmingham, Ball State, and Houston on April 9th.

2021 NFL Pro Days

Date of Pro Day School
Date of Pro Day School
March 5 Kansas
March 9 Kansas State
March 9 Northwestern
March 9 Wisconsin-Whitewater
March 10 Arkansas
March 10 Marshall
March 10 Maryland
March 10 Wisconsin
March 11 Clemson
March 11 Nevada
March 11 Texas
March 12 Arkansas State
March 12 North Dakota State
March 12 Oklahoma
March 15 Army
March 15 Kent State
March 15 Middle Tennessee State
March 15 Vanderbilt
March 16 Georgia Tech
March 16 Temple
March 17 Arizona
March 17 Georgia
March 17 Illinois
March 17 Pittsburgh
March 17 San Jose State
March 18 Auburn
March 18 Buffalo
March 18 Central Arkansas
March 18 Louisiana Tech
March 18 Louisiana-Monroe
March 18 Stanford
March 18 Troy
March 18 West Virginia
March 19 Memphis
March 19 Ohio
March 19 TCU
March 22 Air Force
March 22 Bowling Green
March 22 Colorado
March 22 Colorado State
March 22 Florida State
March 22 Iowa
March 22 Missouri
March 22 Toledo
March 23 Alabama
March 23 Central Michigan
March 23 Iowa State
March 23 Nebraska
March 23 Purdue
March 24 Michigan State
March 24 Mississippi State
March 24 South Carolina
March 24 Southern California
March 24 Virginia
March 25 Georgia Southern
March 25 Massachusetts
March 25 Mississippi
March 25 North Texas
March 25 Penn State
March 25 San Diego State
March 25 Southern Methodist
March 25 Tennessee
March 25 Western Michigan
March 26 Boston College
March 26 Brigham Young
March 26 Michigan
March 26 South Dakota State
March 26 Virginia Tech
March 29 Arizona State
March 29 Duke
March 29 Louisiana-Lafayette
March 29 Miami (Fla.)
March 29 Miami (Ohio)
March 29 North Carolina
March 30 Alabama
March 30 East Carolina
March 30 Florida Atlantic
March 30 Louisville
March 30 North Carolina State
March 30 Ohio State
March 30 Texas A&M
March 30 Tulane
March 30 Washington
March 31 Boise State
March 31 Florida
March 31 Kentucky
March 31 Louisiana State
March 31 Notre Dame
March 31 Wake Forest
April 1 Central Florida
April 1 Minnesota
April 1 North Carolina (Charlotte)
April 1 Oklahoma State
April 1 Oregon State
April 1 South Florida
April 1 Western Kentucky
April 2 Oregon
April 2 Tulsa
April 7 Texas Tech
April 9 Alabama-Birmingham
April 9 Ball State
April 9 Houston