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Chiefs trading 4 draft picks to Ravens for Orlando Brown

The Kansas City Chiefs trade for Pro Bowl tackle in their quest for another Super Bowl title.

Orlando Brown

The Kansas City Chiefs will be beefing up their offensive line, as they reportedly will trade their first round pick and three more draft pics to the Baltimore Ravens for offensive tackle Orlando Brown. They will also receive two more picks in return, per Adam Schefter. This was a much needed move for the Chiefs, whose Super Bowl loss was in large part brought on by lack of protection up front.

Brown wanted to play left tackle, but the Ravens already have an excellent left tackle in Ronnie Staley. This move seemed inevitable and the Ravens get a decent sized haul while the Chiefs get their biggest need filled before the draft. There is no-doubt Kansas City is in win again and now mode, which means, even in a good draft for linemen, they’d rather have a seasoned star to plug in as the starter from day one.

The Ravens will now have two first round draft picks to work with, as they look to take another step toward the Super Bowl themselves. They also will bring in ex-Steelers right tackle to replace Brown, per Jamison Hensley. That is a downgrade, for the Ravens line, but the two first-rounders can make up for that downgrade if played correctly.