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The 2021 National Championship Drinking Game

The best way to experience the pinnacle of college basketball: With friends, beverages, and an ear for themes you know are going to play out during the broadcast!

CBS Sports broadcaster Jim Nantz during the men’s Big Ten tournament college basketball game between the Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes on March 13, 2021, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN. Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hello, friends: Welcome to Nantz Week!

The 2021 NCAA Championship Game between the Baylor Bears and Gonzaga Bulldogs should be a classic, but we’ve got two ways to make it better. Take a small position on the game at DraftKings Sportsbook, and have a few socially-distanced beverages with your friends and family while watching.

We’ve got the best possible ways to stay in the game while away from the game here, and broke it up into three stages: Drink once, Drink three times... or just put away the rest of the beverage in your hand.

It’s easy to bag on broadcasters, but we went back and watched a whole bunch of old national championship games today on YouTube. Let’s just say the work of Jim Nantz, Grant Hill, and Bill Raftery FAR EXCEEDS some of the previous combinations out there. We’re not naming names, but these guys are very, very good in comparison. And Raftery somehow often gets under-appreciated by the casual fan, but he should absolutely be in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Behold: The 2021 NCAA Championship Drinking Game!

Drink once when any of the below are said or referenced...

  • Gonzaga is “not really a mid-major”
  • Drew Timme’s mustache
  • Jalen Suggs shot vs. UCLA
  • Kris Jenkins’ shot or Christian Laettner’s shot (drink again if camera shot of Duke’s Grant hill is shown afterwards)
  • Adam Morrison doing color commentary on radio for Gonzaga (drink again if camera shot goes with it)
  • Any scoring run mentioned, then imbibe once per minute until it’s broken
  • Each missed free throw (drink again if the miss or free throws in general are referenced as being “important” or “crucial”)
  • All ties to Raftery and drinking (he’s closing the bar down, he had few late evening beverages last night, he knows every hotel bartender in D-1, etc)
  • Jim Nantz giving away his ties to a player
  • “A little nylon” OR “Small change” OR “Nickel-dimer” OR “The Kiss!” Please also make a Raftery-like noise when finished.
  • Any reference to new UNC coach Hubert Davis or Roy Williams

A bit of a long-range sipper... for three!

Send it in Jerome: Chug!

  • Any buzzer beater: Run outside, take a lap of the abode or establishment in which you saw said buzzer beater, come back in, and finish your beverage.
  • Either team starts in a zone and takes away Raftery’s signature line. You do not disrespect the chairman of college basketball like that. Take the rest of your beer, and SEND IT IN JEROME.
  • “Butler Cabin”
  • Any reference to the spread or total from any member of the broadcast team, no matter how subtle.