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Tiebreaker determines winner of DraftKings Championship Series Millionaire Bracket pool

Baylor cut down the nets in Indianapolis, and user bamamcc took home the big prize in DraftKings’ Championship Series Millionaire Bracket pool.

The Baylor Bears celebrate after beating the Gonzaga Bulldogs in the national championship game during the Final Four of the 2021 NCAA Tournament at Lucas Oil Stadium. Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is officially a wrap, and DraftKings has a winner in its inaugural Championship Series Millionaire Bracket. User bamamcc was one of many to choose the No. 1 seeded Baylor Bears to win the 2021 NCAA Tournament, but a strong run including picking three of the four Final Four teams helped secure victory. You can view his full bracket here.

The bracket contest came down to the title game total points tiebreaker. Both bamamcc and HOYDOG (bracket) had a Baylor-Gonzaga title game with the Bears winning it all. They had significantly different tiebreaker choices, with bamamcc going with 147 and HOYDOG going with 171. The 86-70 final score gave us 156, and Price is Right rules meant bamamcc won. That user claimed $1 million while HOYDOG won $250,000.

They both had the same Final Four, missing out on UCLA crashing the party. They each had five of the eight Elite Eight, but one difference between them. Both were incorrect with Illinois and Alabama. Additionally, bamamcc correctly picked USC to the Elite Eight but missed on Michigan while HOYDOG correctly picked Michigan but missed on USC.

You can check the top 100 standings at DraftKings Sportsbook. The entire group had Baylor winning the national title, with the prize pool ranging from $500 to the $1 million grand prize.

Learn more about the DraftKings Championship Series, including upcoming contests within the 2021-2022 season where the winners will qualify for a Tournament of Champions seat.