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Fantasy implications of Chiefs signing QB Shane Buechele as a UDFA

The Kansas City Chiefs have signed SMU QB Shane Buechele as a UDFA following the 2021 draft. Will he be a fantasy football asset to start his career?

Quarterback Shane Buechele going through drills during Jordan Palmer’s QB Summit NFL Draft Prep in a park on February 15, 2021 in Orange County, CA. Photo by Aubrey Lao /Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs signed Shane Buechele of SMU as an UDFA following the 2021 NFL Draft. He joins former NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and Chad Henne on the depth chart.

Buechele could’ve played a sixth season of college football, but he ultimately decided 2020 would be his final season as a quarterback at that level. After three seasons with the Texas Longhorns, he played his final two with the SMU Mustangs. Last season, Buechele completed 65.4% of his passes for 3,095 yards with 23 touchdowns and six interceptions.

Fantasy football impact


When you’re drafted by the team that has the best young quarterback in the NFL, you’re unlikely to have much of an impact in Year 1. Chad Henne is the current backup quarterback in Kansas City, so it would be impressive for Buechele to crack the two-deep on the depth chart. He should operate as the team’s third QB to start the season.


Buechele will start his career with the team that has the league’s best weapons offensively. If he sees the field for whatever reason, he has a decent chance of playing well, which could extend his career. At this point, Buechele should worry about making the end of rosters or practice squads. He could find value as a backup QB in the NFL, as going undrafted makes it unlikely Buechele will be a consistent starter in this league.