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Cam Payne gets tossed after scuffle with Montrezl Harrell-Alex Caruso in Game 1 [VIDEO]

There was an altercation after a missed free throw by LeBron James, who flopped for a foul call. Payne and Alex Caruso got into it before Harrell intervened.

Montrezl Harrell of the Los Angeles Lakers reacts after drawing a foul to the Phoenix Suns during the first half of Game One of the Western Conference first-round playoff series at Phoenix Suns Arena on May 23, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns series was already primed up to be a classic with Chris Paul vs. LeBron James. After James missed a free throw in the fourth quarter, a panic ensued. Cameron Payne threw the ball at Alex Caruso after he tried to take it from him. Montrezl Harrell GALLOPED to the rescue from the other side of the court, shoving Payne, who was later given two technical fouls and ejected. Here’s a look at the whole sequence of events:

So Payne was tossed, which is fine. Harrell runs across and clearly is trying to break things up? But instead ends up plowing over Payne. Harrell wasn’t ejected, which makes zero sense. Then Caruso gets a technical as well, sure, that’s fine but he really just instigated the whole thing. So now the Suns are trying to hold off the Lakers up by 9 in the fourth quarter with CP3 banged up and down a backup guard.