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Mare of Easttown killer: Odds on who killed Erin McMenamin headed into finale

Who left Erin in a creek? We’ve got odds on whodunit in HBO’s hottest show of the spring.

Angourie Rice attends the Australian premiere of Mare of Easttown at Cremorne Orpheum on April 14, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage

It’s the end of the line for Mare of Easttown. But who will be the one found to have killed the teen mom in the final episode of a show that has made Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and all the accents that go with it, the most popular place around?

We asked DraftKings Sportsbook’s Director of Race and Sportsbook Operations Johnny Avello, a huge movie and drama fan himself, to come up with some odds on who the killer is.


Mare of Easttown

Who did it? Odds
Who did it? Odds
John Even
Billy 2/1
Dylan 5/1
Deacon Mark 15/1
Richard 20/1
Lori 25/1
Brianna 40/1
Freddie 200/1
Frank 300/1
Jess 500/1
Zabel 1000/1

Considering Billy already confessed to the crime to his brother, having him as the favorite makes sense. But since all we know is he came home that night in bloody clothes, and he certainly drinks a lot, maybe he thinks he did it but doesn’t remember?

That might mean his brother John is the true perp, and his philandering ways certainly imply he’s not exactly a pillar of morality. Or maybe his wife Lori, Mare’s best friend, is in on the crime? At 25/1, it was certainly much shorter price than I was expecting.

Although this is theoretically the end of the line for the Kate Winslet vehicle, writer Brad Inglesby hasn’t totally shut the door on a potential Season 2. But this is likely the last we’ll get of Mare Sheehan, her neighbor/husband Frank, her mother Helen played by the flawless HBO superstar Jean Smart, and the rest of the Delco township that launched a thousand Wawa’s.

And if you want to take some guesses on what happens in the finale yourself, you can win up to $500 cash with a free-to-play pool from DK Sportsbook for the final episode of Mare of Easttown. It’s free to enter, and the first question is of course who is the killer.