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Predictions for Mare of Easttown series finale

The final episode of the fantastic HBO limited-run series is here. And you can win some cash by predicting the outcome!

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Hannah Hollis, Angourie Rice and Patrick Delany attend the Australian premiere of Mare of Easttown at Cremorne Orpheum on April 14, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage

The final episode of Mare of Easttown is here, and you can win up to $500 cash from DraftKings Sportsbook with their free-to-play pool from DK Sportsbook for the finale. That’s almost 300 hoagies from Wawa!

So get to the State Store and grab some cheesesteaks from LaSpada’s before dey cloess, and let’s pick a few winners before we find out...


“Who killed Erin McMenamin?”

Billy Ross
John Ross
Deacon Mark
Frank Sheehan

We’re taking the layup here and going with Billy because he’s already confessed to the crime. BUT if we’re going down the board, we can see Deacon Mark perhaps plying the known drinker Billy with some extra sacramental wine and making him think he did it. Or of course Erin’s no-longer-baby-daddy Dylan and his friends being part of a conspiracy to set him up.

But we’ll go chalk here with Billy, even though it almost seems too obvious.

“Who is the father of Erin’s baby DJ?”

Billy Ross
John Ross
Deacon Mark

Hot take: Billy wasn’t the only one at that family reunion! John seems to be a real dirtbag, and we can see him taking advantage of a teenage relative and then framing everyone else for the problems that ensue, right down to Dylan as the father.

“Does Siobhan decide to attend Cal-Berkeley?”


As someone raised in Delco, believe me when I say I am one of the few that decided to leave Delco. There’s a much better chance Mare’s daughter ends up matriculating at Delaware County Community College before Haverford, where her girlfriend Anne attends, much less Cal-Berkeley. But we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt she gets into one of America’s best liberal arts schools, and hope she and Anne find a way to make it work.

“How many total Wawa coffee cups and hoagies will be shown in the final episode?”

Over 7

Dere’s like four Wawa’s offf Root 30, so Mare ken get coffee en vapes et any of ‘em.

You cannot overestimate the importance of Wawa to the residents of Delco, which is where the company was founded (Store #1 closed a few years ago for a bigger location three blocks away on MacDade Boulevard). Many people don’t just go every day, they go more than once because Wawa has everything you need 24 hours a day. That includes terrific coffee, fresh hoagies on Amoroso rolls, and soft pretzels fresh from the bakery.

“Will Lori let John move back in the house?”

Unseen in episode

We bet this time, Lori has had enough. It’s not the first time John has been caught creepin’. Run, girl: You’re too good a wife for him, and there’s plenty of divorced Dads he can still hang out with at The Quarry.

“Will anyone call a ‘creek’ a ‘crick?’”


Look, we love this show. It captures the essence of suburban Philadelphia perfectly, right down to the Sheehan’s wearing sweatshirts from t-shirt shops “down the shore.” You can tell the writer Brad Inglesby is from there, because no outsider could ever hit the culture this on the mark.

But true Delco residents don’t call it a “creek.” It’s a “crick.” Let’s hope some random background-player police officer or someone else gets this right in the final episode when discussing where Erin was found, but we’re not hopeful after six episodes of everyone with their perfect Delco accents missing just this one word. It sticks out like a sore thumb!