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Fantasy stats for players ahead of Euro 2021

Here’s all the DFS data you’ll need ahead of the UEFA Euro 2021 Championships this summer.

Memphis Depay of the Netherlands during a Training Session of the Netherlands at Cascade Resort on May 31, 2021 in Lagos, Portugal. Photo by Broer van den Boom/BSR Agency/Getty Images

With the Euro 2021 tournament approaching, fantasy football takes on a whole new meaning this summer. Often still referred to still as Euro 2020, the event was postponed last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be 52 matches this summer for the continental championship of Europe, and there will be daily fantasy contests available for all of them at DraftKings.

We’ve put a tool together for soccer fans and DFS players to show how players in the 24-team tournament are performing ahead of the UEFA championship. The games included are from competitive international matches in the UEFA Nations League, the Euro 2020 qualifiers, and European World Cup qualifying. All friendlies are excluded.

We’ve split the data into two pools: One for field players, and one for goalkeepers. From this you can see who has performed well from a fantasy perspective so far in the latest championship cycle, and who might be struggling either in effectiveness or playing time ahead of the biggest confederation championship in world soccer.

They look something like this:

Let’s hope this helps you find the most efficient lineup this summer to help win as much at DraftKings as the country that takes home the trophy! You can make your own copy of the spreadsheets by clicking here!