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There’s a fan dressed as Mario and another dressed as a slice of pizza at the Euro 2020 final

This is certainly a way to support Italy.

I don’t even know how to begin processing this video. England leads Italy 1-0 in the second half of the Euro 2021 final and until this match goes final, this video might be the thing people talk about most for the next half hour. UPDATE: And Italy has tied it in the 67th minute! Leonardo Bonucci scored to equalize the match.

We’ve got one fan dressed in a Mario outfit and another fan dressed as a slice of pizza. Both have painted their faces with the Italian flag so it would seem they are cheering on Italy. Are they Italian? I have no idea. Are they attending the match together? It seems like they probably are, but shouldn’t Mario be attending with Luigi? The slice of pizza might be better suited with someone dressed as spaghetti or maybe a calzone.