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Covid-19 forfeit policy for Big 12 Conference in 2021

Here’s what will happen if there’s an outbreak of the virus across a conference team this season.

Jack Plummer #13 of the Purdue Boilermakers looks to pass the ball against the Nebraska Cornhuskers during the game at Ross-Ade Stadium on December 5, 2020 in West Lafayette, Indiana. Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

While everything looks towards 2021 being a much more normal year for college football than 2020, there are still teams and programs which could have outbreaks of Covid-19 before games.

The slapdash policies of last season have been set aside, with conference commissioners and leagues putting together much more concrete rules about what can and should happen if a game is lost due to an outbreak across a program.

The Big 12 was the first to jump in, with these rules if a team is unable to move forward.

In the event a conference game is canceled due to a team not having enough student-athletes to compete (due to Covid-19 or for any reason), that team will forfeit and be credited with a loss in the conference standings. The opponent will be credited with a win in the conference standings.

At least in the Big 12, there will be penalties for teams that are unable to field a team due to coronavirus outbreaks. And there ire no built-in makeup dates in case games are missed.

We’ll continue to monitor how leagues across the country are choosing to deal with the pandemic when it comes to missed games here.