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Why are Seth Rollins and Edge meeting at SummerSlam?

We have a potential show stealer on our hands between two former WWE champions.

Wrestling: WWE-Money in the Bank Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Rollins and Edge are known as two of the best in-ring performers of their respective eras, both guys showing an ability to put on in-ring classics and alter their respective characters as time moves forward.

On Saturday at SummerSlam, the two former world champions will finally meet one-on-one with a chance to potentially deliver the best match at Allegiant Stadium on Saturday.

Why are they fighting?

Storyline perspective

This goes all the way back to 2014 where in the height of the Authority storyline, Seth Rollins teased stomping Edge’s head into his Money in the Bank briefcase but decided against it.

In more recent times this summer, Rollins felt that he deserved a shot at Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship but was leapfrogged by Edge, who never got his promised one-on-one bout with the Tribal Chief earlier in the year. After failing to win the ladder match at Money in the Bank, a frustrated Rollins interfered in the main event to cost Edge his title match. This prompted the Rated-R Superstar to challenge the Architect to a match at SummerSlam, one in which Rollins accepted. In the weeks since, Rollins has gotten the better of the WWE Hall of Famer and has spent his time declaring himself the superior supertar.

Real life perspective

Having accomplished everything there is to accomplish at this point in his career, Rollins is afforded the leeway to sit back and focus in on aspects like character-work while working “dream” programs with the likes of Cesaro and Edge. Since arriving to Smackdown last year, he’s been doing some of the best heel work he’s done in quite some time.

Meanwhile, Edge has been on a mission to prove that he still has plenty in the tank as an in-ring performer. After a seven-year retirement due to a neck injury, he’s out to prove that he still belongs even at his age and a high profile match at Allegiant Stadium will only add to his lore.



Rollins and Edge have more matches in then down the road but since he took losses at both Wrestlemania and Money in the Bank this year, I expect Edge to emerge victorious in this one.