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Who will Jake Paul fight after beating Tyron Woodley?

A rematch could be in the cards, as could Tommy Fury. We break down what might be next for Jake Paul.

Jake Paul fights Tyron Woodley in their cruiserweight bout during a Showtime pay-per-view event at Rocket Morgage Fieldhouse on August 29, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio. Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

YouTube personality and aspiring boxer Jake Paul won a fairly decisive split decision over former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley on Sunday evening. The fight went the distance and Paul won with judges’ scorecards of 77-75 Paul, 77-75 Woodley, 78-74 Paul.

This was Paul’s fourth career fight and first time he has had to fight more than two rounds. Although Woodley made it tough for Paul for extended stretches, the scorecards should have been unanimous for Paul. Woodley decisively won a couple rounds, but Paul was the busier fighter for much of the evening.

Regardless, Paul retained his undefeated record and will now look to his next opponent. On the broadcast, the announcers said Paul told them in the buildup to the fight that he was already looking past Woodley to whatever was next. But what if what’s next is a rematch with Woodley?

Woodley reportedly agreed before the fight to get a tattoo that says “I love Jake Paul” if he lost the fight. After the fight, Woodley was saying he thinks a rematch makes sense. Paul’s team said they would only consider it if Woodley got the tattoo. Not exactly championship stakes, but I suppose it’s what we can expect.

The other possibility is a fight with Tommy Fury. The British fighter, Love Island participant, and half-brother of heavyweight champ Tyson Fury was on the undercard with everyone suggesting it was a warm-up for an eventual bout with Paul. Fury did not impress and ESPN is reporting the Paul team has cooled on him because of that.

Whatever the case, Paul has to continue stepping up his competition. As ESPN noted, his team can continue to protect their meal ticket, but he can’t win gimme fights. Woodley was a clear step up in competition, but now it’s a matter of figuring out who’s next. Do they find an MMA fighter who is a little less washed up? Maybe mix in a retired actual boxer? Paul won’t be fighting a contender anytime soon, but there are options to increase the level of competition and keep people buying PPVs.