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Could we get a Manning Cast for Ole Miss vs. Tennessee game? Lane Kiffin hopes so

The campaign for a simulcast with the brothers is already on the internet. Let’s make it happen, ESPN

Archie Manning, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning - March 22, 2004. Man, oh, Mannings - Like his dad, Eli Manning will be a first-round pick. Like his brother, he’ll go No. 1. Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

The first Monday Night Football broadcast with Eli and Peyton Manning was a huge success, with the brothers needling each other and giving tremendous insight into the Ravens-Raiders game despite fire alarms going off in the second quarter.

But now fans are asking for them to add the Ole Miss-Tennessee game to the rotation on October 16th as well. Ole Miss (dad Archie and Eli’s alma mater) and Tennessee (Peyton’s) is a rare one as they’ll only play twice every 14 years thanks to the SEC’s scheduling quirks. So it’s basically now or never for this one.

Even Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin wants to see the two quarterbacks getting after it as their alma maters face off.

This seems like such an easy win for ESPN, and brings attention to what would normally be a middle-of-the-road SEC tilt in mid-October. We’ll see if ESPN finds a way to make this happen.

Maybe they could even do it from the stadium? I’d pay for a feed of the entire Manning family suite at Neyland Stadium that day, from the sailgating to the singing of the alma maters after the game.