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Mike Norvell falls to 3-9 as Florida State head coach with loss to Wake Forest

Things are bad in Tallahassee and who knows when it’ll get better.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 18 Florida State at Wake Forest Photo by Brian Bishop/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Florida State Seminoles football program has not only hit rock bottom, but has found a way to dig past it.

In what’s quickly projecting to be one of the worst seasons in modern program history, the latest indignity came on Saturday with a 35-14 loss at Wake Forest. This comes just one week after an embarrassing 20-17 loss to FC Jacksonville State, one in which the coaching staff failed to call for prevent defense and allowed for the Gamecocks to walk it off with a 59-yard touchdown pass.

Things are not going well for second-year head coach Mike Norvell. He is now 3-9 in his time in Tallahassee and between a poor on-field product and being caught in a lie by his players last year, the former Memphis head coach has miles upon miles to go before returning the program anywhere close to their former glory.

One cannot help to think about Norvell’s predecessor Willie Taggart in this situation, who got the axe after just 21 games as head coach of the Noles. Taggart was trying to fix the general neglect left behind by Jimbo Fisher and while he made his fair share of errors on the job, it wasn’t THIS bad.

For both financial and general stability reasons, the powers that be in Tallahassee quite literally cannot afford to make a head coaching change any time soon. But things have to turn for Norvell and FSU quickly or they’ll fall into the territory of a seemingly permanent fall from grace like Nebraska or Tennessee.