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How the NFL playoff picture looks coming out of Week 17

The NFL is wrapping up Week 17, and a few teams are standing out in the playoff picture heading into Week 18.

NFL Hangover | Do the Titans Take the AFC?

The NFL has wrapped up the morning slate of games and the playoff field is starting to fill up. The Titans clinched the AFC South and the Patriots have clinched a wild card berth.

The biggest game of the day saw the Bengals get a last-second win over the Chiefs. Cincinnati clinched the AFC North with the win while the Chiefs are now out of the No. 1 seed position. The Titans won and clinched the AFC South while also moving into the No. 1 seed thanks to the head-to-head tiebreaker.

We had a near shocker in the Meadowlands, but Tom Brady brought the Bucs back in the closing seconds to beat the Jets. The top four in the NFC reshuffles a bit, but remains the same four teams. In the NFC, the big change is at the bottom of the wild card scene. The Colts and Dolphins both lost and that opens the door for some teams. The Raiders beat the Colts to move into sixth place and the Colts drop to seventh place. The Chargers and Raiders face off in Week 18 with potentially everything on the line.

Sunday Night Football results: The Packers have clinched the top seed in the NFC, and eliminated the Vikings from playoff contention in the process. Green Bay will probably give its starters Week 18 off ahead of what is expected to be a long playoff run.

4:05/4:25 p.m. results: The Chargers beat the Broncos to eliminate the Browns, Broncos, and Dolphins. The 49ers beat the Texans to remain in sixth place. The Saints beat the Panthers to improve to 8-8 and sit in eighth place pending the Vikings result. The Cardinals beat the Cowboys to improve to 11-5.

Here’s a look at what the playoff picture looks like Sunday afternoon heading into the rest of Sunday and Monday Night Football to close out Week 17. *=clinched playoff berth, **=clinched division ***=clinched conference

AFC playoff picture

1. Tennessee Titans, 11-5**
2. Kansas City Chiefs, 11-5**
3. Cincinnati Bengals, 10-6**
4. Buffalo Bills, 10-6

5. New England Patriots, 10-6
6. Indianapolis Colts, 9-7
7. Los Angeles Chargers, 9-7

Outside looking in: Las Vegas Raiders (9-7), Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7-1), Baltimore Ravens (8-8)

NFC playoff picture

1. Green Bay Packers, 13-3***
2. Los Angeles Rams, 12-4*
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 12-4**
4. Dallas Cowboys, 11-5**

5. Arizona Cardinals, 11-5*
6. San Francisco 49ers, 9-7
7. Philadelphia Eagles, 9-7

Outside looking in: New Orleans Saints (8-8)