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Oddsmaker discusses NFL Week 7 sharp betting action

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Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Chris Andrews was back with NFL updates for Week 7 as the Sports Betting Hall of Fame oddsmaker talked about line moves and sharp betting for this weekend’s action.

I am back from my brief hiatus and ready to go with the NFL Week 7 NFL report. Thank you to my friend and colleague, Vinny Magliulo, for pinch-hitting for me in my absence. He certainly drove in a couple of runs with a very good college football examination. There aren’t a lot of sexy-looking games on the NFL card this week and, surprisingly, the Jets-Broncos game is our game of the week, action-wise, so far at South Point.

Here are this week’s games presented in official Nevada rotation order.

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys (-6.5, 49)

We opened the Cowboys -7 and the public is definitely on Dallas, but now we have gotten some sharp play, some pretty big play, on the Lions + 7. They also took the money line at + 260 and now I’m at + 240. I’m not so sure what the handicap is on this game. Maybe they think Dak Prescott coming back will kind of disrupt the rhythm of what has been a pretty successful season so far for the Cowboys. The total has not seen a lot of play. We opened 48, they bet me Over, and they bet me Over 48.5. I’m at 49 but really keeping up with the market – not a ton of action on the total.

New York Giants at Jacksonville Jaguars (-3, 43)

This is a weird one. If we go strictly power ratings-wise, the Giants should be the favorite, but sharp money is definitely on the Jaguars here. We opened it 3 and haven’t moved it, but I can see that the sharper money is on the Jags. Sometimes the price can tell you the winner. The Giants have to be one of the worst 5-1 teams of all time, but I’m not so sure how good Jacksonville is either. The public is all over New York. Probably a 5-to-1 ticket ratio on the Giants. We opened the total 42.5 and we’re up to 43 on just one bet.

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans (-2.5, 42)

This is another one we haven’t moved. We opened it Titans -2.5. The ticket count is high on Tennessee but not a lot of sharp play on the Colts. We do have some play on the money line, they took + 130 and I’m down to + 120. This one is kind of hard to gauge. I’m not seeing any 3’s right now, but I do believe the wise guys will jump in and take the 3 if it gets there. We opened the total at 42.5, they bet me Over 42.5, they bet me Over 43. Then they bet me Under 43.5 and Under 43, so we’re now at 42.

Atlanta Falcons at Cincinnati Bengals (-6.5, 47.5)

We opened the Bengals -6. Sharps laid the 6, so we’re at 6.5 now and writing pretty even business at 6.5. No movement on the money line or the total. I do think this side will probably get to 7 and the wise guys will probably take it if and when it gets there.

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