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John Fury, Tommy Fury challenge Jake Paul after boxing match, nonsense ensues

The post-fight shenanigans were more interesting than Tommy Fury’s fight.

Tommy Fury fought Rolly Lambert on Sunday in Dubai and the most interesting part of the fight came right after it ended. Following six rounds of Jake Paul announcing the fight and talking trash about Tommy, John Fury went off in the ring in defense of his son.

John started yelling at Paul, calling himself the king of the bareknuckle brawlers. John pulled off his shirt and started doing some shadow-boxing in the ring. Paul yelled that he was right there, but showed no interest in climbing into the ring. Instead, he yelled at John to come out to him.

Tommy had a post-fight interview and proceeded to call Paul a bitch and demanded he “get in the ring now!” Paul talked a bunch of smack and told Tommy to leave the ring. That wrapped it up in what was about as useless a display as we’re going to see today.