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World Cup 2022 knockout round qualification scenarios for Group D

Here’s the knockout qualification scenarios in Group D at the 2022 World Cup.

Denmark’s defender #06 Andreas Christensen scores the team’s first goal past France’s goalkeeper #01 Hugo Lloris during the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group D football match between France and Denmark at Stadium 974 in Doha on November 26, 2022. Photo by NATALIA KOLESNIKOVA/AFP via Getty Images

The second matches of group stage play are underway and this weekend has brought us some clarity for Group D. The group played its second round of matches on Saturday and here’s where things stand for knockout round qualification scenarios for each team in Group D.

Group D

Qualified: France, Australia

Update: Australia defeat Denmark and qualify for the knockout round. Even though Tunisia got a win over France, the African side did not get enough help to go through.

The defending champions are back in the knockout round after two wins in two matches. Even with Karim Benzema going down, France have been able to retain their dynamic attacking form and will now look to top the group in the final match.

Australia got a big win over Tunisia in the opener Saturday and can now secure qualification with a win over Denmark in the final match. The Australians might also be able to advance with a draw if France win or draw against Tunisia. The same scenario applies to Denmark, although the Danes need a win over Australia to have a shot at advancing. Denmark could face tiebreakers even if they win, if Tunisia also win against France.

Tunisia need a win over France to create a tiebreaker situation with Denmark at best. If Denmark draw or lose to Australia, Tunisia are out no matter what they do against France.

Here’s a more condensed look at potential paths in Group D.

Australia win: Qualify for knockout round
Australia draw: Tiebreakers come into play if Tunisia beat France
Australia loss: Eliminated from contention

Denmark win: Tiebreakers come into play if Tunisia beat France
Denmark draw or loss: Eliminated from contention

Tunisia win: Tiebreakers come into play if Denmark beat Australia
Tunisia draw or loss: Eliminated from contention