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Patty Jenkins provides clarity to her ‘Wonder Woman 3’ departure

The writer/director says that the DCEU is simply going in another direction

CinemaCon 2021 Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

There has been much speculation about the DC project slate under the tutelage of writer/director James Gunn and producer Peter Saffron. One of those particular heroes in question is Wonder Woman – or, more specifically, the fate of Wonder Woman 3. There were reports that the studio and director Patty Jenkins budded heads over treatment for the film, and Jenkins was said to have walked away. The director took to Twitter tonight to set the record straight. Not only about WW3 but her long-awaited entry into the Star Wars universe, Rogue Squadron.

James Gunn himself replied to the statement letting everybody know all was good.

It’s simply this – Gunn and Saffron are most likely hitting the reboot button. What that means for Gal Gadot, it’s anybody’s guess.