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How good is Charlie Woods? Handicap, championships won by Tiger’s son

We take a look at the younger Woods’ talents ahead of the father-son PNC Championship.

Charlie Woods waiting to putt on the 14th green during the final round of the PNC Championship golf tournament at Grande Lakes Orlando Course. Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports

Thirteen-year-old Charlie Woods has been the talk of the golf world for years, ever since he was first swinging a golf club with a form that could come from the DNA of no one other than his famous father.

He and Tiger Woods, who made his return to televised golf in The Match VII on December 10, will pair up to play as a father-son duo in the PNC Championship on Saturday, Dec. 17 and Sunday, Dec. 18.

The younger Woods is already incredibly talented for his age, and has been a problem for quite awhile now for fellow competitors despite being born in 2009.. In fact, Tiger said earlier this week that Charlie outdrove him for the first time. The Woods duo has teamed up in the PNC Championship twice before, coming in second place in 2021 in Tiger’s return to golf following his life-threatening car accident earlier that year.

Charlie Woods recently shot his best round ever, finishing with a score of 68 in September with his father as his caddie.

Charlie has been making his way through the junior circuit, and while his actual handicap is not publicly known, he is widely considered to be a scratch golfer with a 0.0 handicap — or something in that ballpark.

He won the 11-13 Boys division of the Major Championship at Village Golf Course in June 2022, and will move into the 14-15 Boys division when he celebrates his 14th birthday in February.