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Results of 2022 Dr. Pepper tuition giveaway contest at conference championship games

The game within a game at the conference championships is the Dr. Pepper throw the footballs contest for free tuition. We break down the 2022 winners here.

A general view of a Dr. Pepper logo during the ACC Football Championship matchup of the Clemson Tigers and Miami Hurricanes at Bank of America Stadium on December 2, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

One of the great traditions of Championship Weekend in college football is watching young people throw footballs five yards into inflatable holes, as a nation unites on Twitter in telling them they’re doing it wrong.

It’s the Dr. Pepper Tuition Challenge, where actual students have a chance to win as much up to $100,000 towards their education by slinging as many pigskins into a hole 15 feet away from them.

But don’t spiral, people: Chest pass or underhand only. Trust us.

The rules are simple: 30 seconds, most footballs in the oversized soda can hole wins. And because of the distance traveled, it’s more about speed than skill. If you really want that cash, forget looking like a quarterback and just get it in the hole.

The difference between first and second place? A mere $75,000. No pressure, kids.


Raphael Idrogo of the Texas A&M Aggies showed he might be of assistance to the anemic offense of his alma mater next season, as he scooped the win with a score of 14. It wasn’t a flawless performance, but it was enough to get it done and cash six figures.

Congrats to Raphael on winning 0.0116% of Jimbo Fisher’s contract buyout!

Big 12

Shout out to Daniel Yaari of Duke for winning the Dr. Pepper tuition toss at the Big 12 title game. Wait, why aren’t kids from the actual schools in the game participating. What’s going on?


We discovered the rules of overtime in the Dr. Pepper tuition giveaway contest at halftime of the SEC Championship Game after the two competitors ended tied at 11 on the clock. They tied again with eight points each in overtime, and the crowd was audibly upset to find that there is no double overtime challenge in the tuition giveaway. Baylor University’s Reagan Whitaker won a preliminary tiebreaker challenge and took home the 100 grand.