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Jets finally bench ineffective Zach Wilson for Chris Streveler in Week 16

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; New York Jets quarterback Chris Streveler (15) against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Final update: Chris Streveler completed 10-of-15 passes for 90 yards, adding nine carries for 54 additional yards. He provided a true spark to the offense and if not for a drop and fumble by his receivers, he would have had better stats and a possible touchdown. This doesn’t mean that Streveler is anywhere near the answer at quarterback for the Jets, but he could play a Taysom Hill like roll for a team in need of some life at the position while Mike White is out.

Update: So far, Streveler has been an upgrade for the Jets.

Chris Streveler might not be much better than Zach Wilson has been in their Thursday Night Football matchup with the Jaguars, but he sure can’t be much worse. Wilson has looked like he was picked out of the crowd to start this game. I guess there is a chance this is a Quantum Leap episode, but it’s more likely that Wilson is just playing extremely poorly.

Streveler is the 4th string quarterback on paper, but his ability to run likely takes precedence over Joe Flacco’s ability to throw the ball.