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What Ohio State needs to happen on Saturday to make College Football Playoff

We go over what needs to happen today for Ohio State to make the CFP.

Michigan v Ohio State Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Championship Saturday is underway in college football and by the end of the night, we should have a better idea of who will earn a spot into the College Football Playoff. After getting eviscerated by rival Michigan last week, the 11-1 Ohio State Buckeyes are currently on the outside looking in at No. 5.

So what needs to happen on Saturday for OSU to get into the field? The answer...nothing! They’re going to be in! Congratulations!

Ohio State fans can thank future conference rival USC, who got torched by Utah 47-24 in the Pac-12 Championship Game on Friday night. That game was a win-and-in situation for the No. 4 Trojans and they failed to clear the hurdle. Assuming that Georgia, Michigan, and TCU all handle business as the top three teams in the field, Ohio State will simply step up into the fourth spot and start prepping for its semifinal game on New Year’s Eve.