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AEW Dynamite, December 7 quick thoughts: Ricky Starks shines, FTR loses again

There was also a build to ROH’s Final Battle and William Regal said what?

WRESTLING: JAN 26 AEW Dynamite Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

AEW had a lot of work to do on Dynamite this week. They had to build towards next week’s special event; Winter Is Coming. Oh, and we can’t forget that there’s Ring of Honor’s Final Battle this Saturday night. Some things were really good, and other things were quite baffling. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable things from the Dec. 7 edition of Dynamite.

What was this Regal promo?

I’m sure all parties involved are relieved that the MJF-Regal-Blackpool Combat Club entanglement is coming to an end. If you watch Moxley’s expression, he looks confused about what is happening. Everybody knows that William Regal is going back to the WWE, which makes this explanation as to why he betrayed Moxley and helped MJF not work at all. So, Regal betrayed Moxley because he knew MJF would betray him? Also, he gave MJF what he wanted. Why would MJF feel any pressure being the “hunted?” It’s good that this will be the last of this story.

  • Instead of having another week of MJF running down the crowd on a promo, they changed it up, giving Ricky Starks the spotlight. This was a welcome change because 1. their title match needed some kick to it, and 2. you have to show somebody else in a formidable position while MJF is on the mic. Other than some obvious jabs at old WWE wrestlers, both men came off great here — Starks in particular because he’s always placed as an AEW pillar. While nobody thinks he’s going to win next week, this is still a good foundation for AEW to build their future stars.
  • Somebody found the answer to the question, “why isn’t FTR on television more wrestling as a duo?” Well, they had a pretty good title match against AEW tag team champions, The Acclaimed. This was a win that The Acclaimed can continue to build upon. It doesn’t really do too much for FTR — who is now known for having great matches, but not having much going on storyline-wise. There is a lot of speculation circling around their futures. It will be telling if they drop the belts to The Briscoes Saturday night at Final Battle.
  • I still feel that AEW is going to build to Britt Baker, eventually turning on Jamie Hayter and challenging for the title. It was good to see her talk by herself for once. With her being a fighting champion, hopefully, it gives the AEW women's division some momentum.
  • Keep an eye on Jade Cargill vs. Kierra Hogan. During their six-women tag, Hogan got a lot of offense in. We’re past the point of Jade needing to be featured more on the main show and having a feud where the audience can believe her winning streak could be in jeopardy.
  • The House of Black continues to build on their return to television. Let’s hope AEW makes good and doesn’t drop the ball on this for a second time.