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Air Jordan 11 Varsity Reds Surprise Gift at the Compound

You never know what’s going to happen at DraftKings’ new epicenter for NBA culture!

The action unfolding on-court within 48-minute bursts is only the starting point for experiencing the many dimensions of NBA culture. From tunnel fits to NBA Twitter and far beyond, the NBA lifestyle combines hoops, music, fashion, entrepreneurship, collectibles, gaming, and so much more.

This season, we’ve been celebrating action both on and off the court by providing a front-row seat to the conversations, stories, observations, and hot takes among the personalities that drive the fluid NBA culture, while also uniting it with the betting lifestyle.

Our backdrop for these live dispatches is the Compound, a creative collective and gallery dedicated to the NBA lifestyle located in Brooklyn. Designed to be a haven for NBA players, musicians, and artists to collaborate and capture casual conversation, the Compound allows fans to be a fly on the wall as they cover a spectrum of topics within and adjacent to the world of basketball.

And at the core of the Compound is The Starting Five, a team of influencers behind the influencers representing the worlds of basketball, music, fashion, gaming, and betting. The Starting Five is led by Set Free Richardson, who played a key role in creating AND1 Mixtapes and has worked with industry titans like Nike, Adidas, EA Sports, and more.

Rapper Jadakiss, designer Don C, pro gamer Jamie “Dirk” Ruiz and betting expert Danielle Alvari round out the S5 rotation.

Santa Visits the Compound Early

Recently, rapper Dave East, producer Buda da Future, and longtime culture strategist and talent manager Tara Carsner pulled up to the Compound for a timely chat around kicks and the holiday season.

As the conversation warmed up, Richardson and Ruiz surprised guests with some Air Jordan heat. In addition to playing Santa and handing out these coveted kicks, Free ran point on a discussion that explored the group’s early sneaker experiences, holiday season heat and what NBA players they’re watching this Christmas, their favorite Jordans, the highly anticipated 11s drop and what the fan-favorite silhouette means to the game.

This surprise drop is just one of the many casual collisions taking place at the Compound throughout the entirety of the NBA season. In addition to guests like Dave East, the Starting Five will be joined by a variety of high-profile drop-ins at the Compound as the season unfolds, with such guests as playground legend Rafer Alston, fasion icon April Walker, DJ Peter Rosenberg already having paid a visit.

We will be dropping content covering the different events and hang-outs all season long, so be sure to check out the Starting Five Live from the Compound video playlist on the DraftKings YouTube channel for the latest. After all, you never know who will be stopping by.