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How long was last year’s National Anthem?

The National Anthem is one of the more fun prop bets surrounding the Super Bowl. We take a look at how long last year’s Anthem took, and briefly preview this year’s performance.

DraftKings SBLVI Novelty Props | Will the National Anthem Go Over or Under 95 Seconds?

UPDATE: Mickey Guyton sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl 56 in 1:50.

The Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals will face off in Super Bowl 56 on Sunday, February 13th. The Bengals are making their first Super Bowl appearance since 1989, and will be looking for their first championship title in franchise history.

The Super Bowl is always fun to bet on, with props like the color of Gatorade poured on the winning coach’s head, the jersey number of the first touchdown scorer, and of course, the length of the National Anthem.

Last year, Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church did the honors at Super Bowl 55, and clocked in at 2:16. Footage of the Anthem rehearsal was leaked by an Ohio reporter before the game, setting the Internet, and specifically Twitter, into a frenzy surrounding the corresponding prop bet.

This year, country superstar Mickey Guyton will be performing the Anthem ahead of kickoff on Sunday, but it’s not her first rodeo. She has sung the Anthem at several different big events over the last handful of years, and she’s come in on the faster side of things, with all of her recent performances coming in under 95.5 seconds.

Since 1990, the average length of the Anthem at the Super Bowl has been around 1:54, slowly climbing up over the decades, sitting now at around at an average of exactly 2:00 since 2010.

Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan obviously went well over the average of two minutes, and it remains to be seen how long Guyton’s performance will go in Super Bowl 56. It’ll be interesting to see if Guyton keeps it on the faster side, or slows everything down once she’s on essentially the biggest stage in the world.

Note: DraftKings Sportsbook is not offering the National Anthem length prop market. You can find the full list of Super Bowl props here depending on which state you are in.