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Who are the Super Bowl 56 officials?

The NFL has named officials for the 56th Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is upon us and while we want to focus on the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, there’s a strong chance we’ll be hearing from the officiating crew on Sunday. NFL officiating has been shaky, but hopefully we see a relatively flag-free game and the referee lets the players play.

This year’s Super Bowl officials include four making their Super Bowl debut. The newcomers to the big game are referee Rob Torbert, umpire Bryan Neale, side judge Keith Washington, and replay official Roddy Ames. The other four crew-members have at least one Super Bowl under their belt. They include down judge Derick Bowers (XLIII), line judge Carl Johnson (XLII, LIV), field judge Rick Patterson (XXXVII, XXXIX), back judge Scott Helverson (XLII, XLV), and replay assistant Sean McKee (LV).

The NFL uses a grading system to evaluate officials throughout the season and determine who will work the Super Bowl. The highest-rated official at each position with at least five seasons working in the league is selected for the Super Bowl.

NFL officials do not work full-time for the league, instead holding various side jobs. Football Zebras does a good job tracking officiating and that includes the side jobs for each official.

Referee Ron Torbert: Attorney
Umpire Bryan Neale: Sales consultant
Down judge Derick Bowers
Line judge Carl Johnson: Retired sales manager
Field judge Rick Patterson: Banker
Side judge Keith Washington: Program financial analyst
Back judge Scott Helverson: Sales, printing, & promotions
Replay official Roddy Ames: Attorney
Replay assistant: NFL centralized replay command center