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Carvana highlighting word-of-mouth advertising with superstar mom in Super Bowl commercial

It’s filled with contrast but works for the company.

An eight story car vending machine, operated by the online used car dealer Carvana, that dispenses purchased cars to customers is seen in Huntington Beach, California on August 16, 2019.
Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

There are some Super Bowl commercials which get the job done simply by being relatable. That’s the case for Carvana, even if the commercial itself is filled with contrast.

Carvana Super Bowl LVI commercial

Carvana has gone away from its iconic car “vending machines” with this one, featuring what many would consider a typical mother raving about something she bought. Even if your mother isn’t like this, you know someone who can’t stop talking about something they bought. Thankfully, there’s no cliche salon setting or Real Housewives dining table talk.

For someone who seems to be the poster woman for word-of-mouth advertising, this mom is actually quite tech-savvy. And that makes sense given how she bought a car online from, you know, Carvana. She crashes her son’s PowerPoint presentation at work via a video call to say “Susan from Carvana” checked in, which is definitely the most interesting thing that happened in whatever meeting these people were having. The next one would surely discuss how this mother circumvented any security measures for this conference call and was able to command the video screen.

That’s not all. What Carvana portrays as a “typical” mother is also someone who is a painter and judge. She also seems to hold a second corporate job with a standard morning elevator shot seven seconds in. This mother is a superstar seemingly hiding in plain sight, and maybe that’s the point of Carvana. We actually don’t even see the car she bought until the end of the commercial and honestly, I didn’t even care what type of car she bought. Rather than going over the top, Carvana kept it simple. And given what’s transpired over the last few years, simple is a welcome sight.