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Jim Carrey returns as The Cable Guy in Verizon Super Bowl commercial

The funny man returns for a chance to revive is creepy character from the 1996 film

Pictured in this screengrab: Actor Jim Carrey during an interview on July 16, 2020 Photo by: NBC

The creepiest character to ever visit your house returns for Verizon, as Jim Carrey reprises his role as The Cable Guy in a Super Bowl commercial on Sunday

Jim Carrey Verizon Super Bowl LVI commercial

Apparently this ad is attempting to sell the benefits of 5G service for your cell phone, which is pretty standard everywhere now. And that’s a good thing, because as we find out in the 1996 dark comedy-cult hit, slipping the service installer an extra $50 to boost your amount of channels can have serious life consequences you want no part of.

It turns out we didn’t get Matthew Broderick, Leslie Mann, or even Eric Roberts coming back, but no reboot is of course ever perfect.

Carrey remains a top-wattage Hollywood star, and you’d have to think Verizon paid him plenty of dollars just to show up and do anything on their behalf. This was pretty good execution considering they got their product across, and let Carrey do his thing.

Solid ad compared to the competition so far this evening.