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Check out Joe Burrow’s pre-Super Bowl drip heading into stadium

Bengals QB shows up with a Heisenberg hat while wearing a black and silver striped metallic suit.

No one really cares about the Super Bowl, right? We all just wanted to see what Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow would show up wearing prior to the game. Well, it was interesting. I’m not into high fashion outside of my extensive knowledge of Zoolander. Burrow’s drip, fit, swag, whatever you wanna call it is LOUD. Let’s take a look:

We already knew Burrow’s sun glass game was strong. Again, I have no idea what designer clothes he’s wearing in this video. If somebody can help a millennial out here. I do know that he frequently rocks Cartier sun glasses, which are pretty fresh. Is Burrow wearing all black because he’s showing up to his own funeral courtesy of Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald? Chances are that’s not what’s going through his head right now.

The hat is what’s making everybody sort of perplexed, right? I saw somebody on Twitter mention Heisenberg. It’s definitely got shades of Walter White in there, mostly because of the glasses. Burrow lacks the proper facial hair to pull off such a look. Either way, Burrow definitely means business. It should be exciting watching him run for his life while being chased by Donald (hopefully completing a few on-the-run passes to Ja’Marr Chase).