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Breaking down the new USFL jerseys

We take a look at the newly released USFL jerseys.

USFL Houston Gamblers Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The USFL is inching closer to its official launch in April and cranked up the hype machine on Thursday with the unveiling of the uniforms for all eight franchises.

Nearly every franchise of this new USFL existed in the original USFL of the 1980’s and the colors and logos have been carried down. Let’s take a look at some of the designs of these uniforms and see how these teams will be looking when they take the field in Birmingham this spring.

Birmingham Stallions

From a distance, the Stallions’ jerseys look like the San Francisco 49ers but up close, they look like a more basic version of Boston College’s jerseys. The helmet is what pops this ensemble with the giant horsehead logo but overall, they’re in the ‘meh’ category.

Pittsburgh Maulers

The Maulers’ unis look like if you created Blue Mountain State as a Build-A-Team in NCAA Football. The giant shoulder stripe on both the home and away jersey makes it look minor league and it’s just weird seeing a pro sports team representing Pittsburgh not donning the traditional black and yellow.

Tampa Bay Bandits

The Tampa Bay Bandits’ jerseys are simple, but clean. The logo is cool and would stand out even more if the helmet was a different color. The red tops with the drop-shadow numbers and the psuedo-silver pants kind of gives off University of Georgia vibes, but it’s still a solid effort.

Houston Gamblers

The originally pro franchise of Jim Kelly, Houston leaned into their classic look from the ‘80’s. It’s like a weird mashup of the Las Vegas Raiders and ‘90’s Atlanta Falcons jerseys, but it works. And the solid black helmet with the giant Gamblers logo is probably the best in the league.

New Jersey Generals

There’s not really much of anything to say about New Jersey’s uniform set. It’s just a plain uni with a single pants stripe. They’re clean, but you can find a high school team playing in something like these.

Michigan Panthers

There is a lot going on with Michigan’s jerseys and I’m not sure if any of it works. Burgundy and gold is already a common look and the blue just clashes with it and throws everything off. Just not a great look and I wouldn’t be enticed to order merch.

New Orleans Breakers

Strong Tennessee Titans meets Air Force vibes coming from the Breakers’ uniform sets. They took some pointers from fellow New Orleans based entity Tulane with the wave logos and those are a pretty cool touch on the shoulders. Not a bad look.

Philadelphia Stars

The Stars go over the top in a fun way. They lean fully into the ketchup and mustard aesthetic and it stands out from the rest. This is one of the only uniforms that I’d like to see in different color patterns. They could pull it off.