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2022 Dunk Contest: Obi Toppin defeats Juan Toscano-Anderson in final round

We go over who won the 2022 NBA Dunk contest at All-Star Weekend in Cleveland on Saturday night.

2022 NBA All-Star - AT&T Slam Dunk Contest
Obi Toppin of the New York Knicks dunks the ball during the AT&T Slam Dunk Contest as part of 2022 NBA All Star Weekend on February 19, 2022 at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio.
Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

The Dunk contest is typically the most anticipated event at All-Star Weekend and that will once again be the case in 2022. This year’s Dunk contest features Jalen Green, Obi Toppin, Cole Anthony and Juan Toscano-Anderson, with Green favored to win the competition per DraftKings Sportsbook. The event will take place after the 3-point contest and Skills Challenge, so it’ll be a while before fans and bettors get to see the action unfold. We’ll have live updates of the Dunk contest here.

2022 Dunk Contest Updates

Toppin did the same dunk he failed to do in the first round but actually converted it this time. I’m not sure it was even a dunk, but it’s going to be enough to win the competition over Toscano-Anderson. Toppin was the second-favorite to win at +190 and pays off for bettors who backed him.

Toscano-Anderson puts on a Jason Richardson jersey but is unable to hit on his first few tries, although none officially count as attempts. His third try officially counted as an attempt but this crowd seems to have checked out. At one point, Toscano-Anderson needed to hit some sort of dunk after officially running through two attempts. He failed to do so, and gets a 30. Toppin can basically win with a standard dunk and conclude one of the worst dunk contests in recent memory.

Toppin misses his first attempt, which looked like a weird mix between a layup and dunk. He ended up hitting the backboard. Toppin did the same thing on his second attempt and missed, but it’s still unclear what he’s trying to do. He ends up converting his third dunk, which was totally different from the first two attempts, and gets 45. That still puts him comfortably ahead of Toscano-Anderson.

Toscano-Anderson goes first in the final round, and throws down a solid dunk with minimal “wow” factor while attempting to do the Vince Carter elbow move. The judges gave him a 39, which sets the stage for Toppin to have a big edge here.

Toscano-Anderson hits a nice dunk on his second go-around and gets a 43, which puts him ahead of Green. It came down to Toppin, and he made no mistake with an impressive reverse between the legs off the backboard. That was enough to get him 46 and makes it a showdown between him and Toscano-Anderson in the final.

Green does a much better job with his second dunk and puts up a 45. Anthony goes next and botches a few attempts, leading to some restlessness from the crowd. He ends up missing all three attempts and ends up crashing out of the competition.

Jalen Green, the favorite in the competition, decided to show some love to the NFT crowd before attempting his dunk. Green went along the baseline for his effort and missed chance after chance, leaving the judges a bit frustrated. He also lost the audience after repeatedly failing attempts and eventually did land one. The judges gave Green a 38 and this couldn’t have been what NFT enthusiasts wanted as an endorsement of their technology.

Obi Toppin comes in next and misses his first two attempts but converts on his final dunk to receive a 44. Spike Lee had some reactions for his Knicks forward, but the missed attempts definitely hurt Toppin’s ceiling in terms of the score.

Juan Toscano-Anderson brought some nice flair to his dunk, which was a jump over Golden State Warriors teammate Andrew Wiggins while also sporting Mexican flag colors on his jersey. He gets a 44 from the judges.

Cole Anthony starts things off by bringing out his father, Greg Anthony, to help him out on the first dunk. Anthony also changed out of his basketball shoes for some Timberland shoes for the dunk, but he ended up missing his first attempt which took some of the vibe out of the building. He tried to pump up the crowd but then missed his second attempt as well. He eventually got the dunk to go down but there wasn’t much appeal after some delays. Anthony got a 40 from the judges.

We’re on to the Dunk contest, after the Cavaliers won the Skills Challenge and Karl-Anthony Towns takes home the 3-point shootout. Jalen Green is the favorite at +140, while Obi Toppin is a close second at +190. Cole Anthony is +350, while Juan Toscano-Anderson has become a big longshot at +600.