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2022 3-point contest: Karl-Anthony Towns defeats Trae Young, Luke Kennard in final round to win 3-point contest

We go over who took home the 3-point contest title at NBA All-Star Weekend in Cleveland on Saturday night.

2022 NBA All-Star - MTN DEW 3-Point Contest
Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves competes in the MTN DEW 3-Point Contest during State Farm All-Star Saturday Night on February 19, 2022 at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio.
Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The 3-point contest at 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend will take place after the Skills Challenge, which begins at 8:00 p.m. ET. A lot of the league’s top marksmen are in this competition, although last year’s winner Stephen Curry will not be participating. Clippers guard Luke Kennard is the favorite to win per DraftKings Sportsbook. We’ll have live updates on the results and winner here.

2022 3-point Contest Updates

Kennard puts up 26, which means Towns at +1100 has made a handful of people happy by winning the 3-point contest. Towns also has the new record for highest score in the final round with 29 points.

If you backed Towns, you’re feeling great right now. The big man puts up 29 in his final round and has a great chance to win this thing. At +1100, it’s a potentially big payoff for those who bet on him. Trae Young finishes with 26 points, which means it’ll come down to KAT and the favorite Luke Kennard to see who wins.

Fred VanVleet had a horrendous first shot and failed to steady the ship over the course of the round. He finishes with 16 points and is officially eliminated. Trae Young, a popular value play at +550, finishes with 22 points to eliminate Patty Mills. It’ll be Young, Karl-Anthony Towns and Luke Kennard in the final round.

Patty Mills gets to 21 points, which eliminates Bane. Mills was the second-favorite to win behind Kennard, so anyone who backed him will feel some relief after that performance. He hit both “dew” balls for a key six points. Karl-Anthony Towns gets to 22 points, which means McCollum has also been eliminated from contention.

The odds-on favorite, Luke Kennard, puts up 28 points after a strong finish on the final two racks. That’s bad news for Bane and McCollum, but that score should hold up to at least put Kennard in the final round. Zach LaVine, who is trying to make history by winning the Dunk contest and 3-point contest, finishes with 14 points. That means he’s officially out of the running, as are LaVine backers.

Desmond Bane goes first and finishes with 18 points after a rough start. We’ll see if that score holds up, as Bane could’ve been a popular longshot pick at +600. Pelicans guard CJ McCollum goes second and scores 19, so it’s not looking good for him and Bane at the moment.

As a refresher for fans, the regular basketball is worth 1 point, the money ball is worth 2 points and the “dew” ball is worth 3 points. It’s the Mountain Dew 3-point contest for a reason. The eight players will compete in the opening round, with the top three players advancing to the final round.

The Cavaliers won the Skills Challenge, so it’s on to the 3-point contest now. Luke Kennard is the favorite at +400, with Patty Mills close behind at +450. Fred VanVleet and Trae Young are +550 each, while Desmond Bane is +600.