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The USA-Honduras match has apple cider, black tea, heated vests for dangerously cold weather

This is a really terrible way to play The Beautiful Game

Fans of the United States attend the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 qualifying match between the United States and Honduras at Allianz Field on February 2, 2022 in St Paul, Minnesota. Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Concacaf has never been known for its great ideas for increasing the reach and scope of soccer in the Caribbean, Central America, and North America. But what they’re allowing to happen in St. Paul, Minnesota tonight is either terrific or terrible depending on who you ask.

With a kickoff temperature of about 2° fahrenheit, and a wind chill hovering around -15°, here are some of the adjustments made by the United States and Honduras to play a game at Allianz Arena tonight in Minnesota.

The QB pouch for goalkeeper Matt Turner was allowed before the game, but match official Oshane Nation of Jamaica ran to Turner and told him to take it off in the 2nd minute of the match.

Some players have chosen to go with leggings despite how it might affect their first touch on the ball, and others are conceding header accuracy for human warmth as well.

This feels like a lot of unnecessary suffering, but it can’t be all terrible for the team that chose to play here:

Weston McKinnie scores off a header in the 9th minute to give the USMNT a 1-0 advantage.