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UConn intentionally misses free throw that would have covered against Villanova

All bettors needed was a make, instead the Huskies missed on purpose.

Connecticut Huskies guard R.J. Cole react in the last seconds of the game against the Xavier Musketeers in the second half at Harry A. Gampel Pavilion. David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The No. 21 UConn Huskies got their biggest win of the year with a 71-69 victory over the No. 8 Villanova Wildcats on Tuesday night in Hartford, Connecticut. But for bettors, it was a final that was captivating.

This RJ Cole runner with 5.9 seconds remaining gave the Huskies a 70-69 lead, their first of the last four minutes of the game.

That was followed by Villanova senior Collin Gillespie driving the length of the court, but getting called for a charge with 1.1 seconds remaining. It was close, but likely the right call.

That meant the ‘Cats had to foul instantly, which they did by hacking Andre Jackson with 0.2 seconds remaining. So with the closing line at -2, but plenty of people on -2.5, all UConn bettors needed was a pair of made free throws by Jackson.

Jackson made the first .. but then did this:

While the right decision for his team as now Villanova can’t set up anything by inbounding the ball, it’s a brutal way for UConn fans to not get paid. But then again, they might not have been the best team tonight in the first place?

But here’s the real lesson: Always get the best of the line if you can, because there’s a reason it’s called gambling.