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Franchise, transition tag salaries for each position in 2022

The franchise and transition tags pay out a one-year salary. We break down what each will make.

Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Orlando Brown (57) against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL offseason heating up, we will soon see some decisions made on players who can be franchise tagged. There are three options for players who are franchise tagged. There is the non-exclusive franchise tag, exclusive franchise tag and transition tag.

The non-exclusive franchise tag is where players can negotiate with other teams, but their current team can always match the offer. If the team declines to match the other teams offer, they are awarded two first-round picks for compensation. This is the most common tag used.

The exclusive franchise tag is where the player gets an average of the five largest salaries in player contracts for that year. They cannot negotiate with other teams and this is more rare.

Lastly, the transition tag is where a player gets average of the 10 largest salaries in player contracts at his position for that year. Players can discuss with other teams and their current team can match. If the team doesn't match, they don't receive any compensatory picks.

A few players that could be tagged this offseason are Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Orlando Brown Jr., Cincinnati Bengals safety Jessie Bates, Atlanta Falcons running back Cordarrelle Patterson, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams, Miami Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki, and Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams.

Projected salary info comes courtesy of Over The Cap.

Franchise tag salaries 2022

Franchise tag salaries 2022

Pos. Franchise tag Transition tag
Pos. Franchise tag Transition tag
QB $28,598,000 $25,651,000
DE $20,186,000 $16,623,000
WR $19,127,000 $16,740,000
LB $17,417,000 $14,882,000
CB $17,295,000 $14,904,000
DT $16,888,000 $13,596,000
OL $16,698,000 $14,997,000
S $13,544,000 $11,265,000
RB $12,536,000 $10,148,000
TE $10,834,000 $9,332,000
ST $5,469,000 $4,980,000