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Bracketology 2022: Who’s in and who’s out according to bracketologists as of Feb. 7

We get the latest look at the projected field of 68 from America’s best bracketologists.

Gonzaga v Brigham Young

The first week of February is in the books and we’re barreling towards the end of the regular season in college basketball. We’re seeing some teams continually add to their resume for the NCAA Tournament while other teams who were previously locks for the tourney now stand on shaky ground.

Analysts like ESPN’s Joe Lunardi, CBS’ Jerry Palm, Bleacher Report’s Kerry Miller, and Sports Illustrated’s Kevin Sweeney, among others, are regularly updating their projected field of 68 and and going over where the top programs will end up come tourney time in mid-March. We’ll go over what the experts are projecting as the rest of the season unfolds.

No. 1 seeds

As it stands, both Auburn and Gonzaga remain as consensus No. 1 seeds across the board among the experts. The Tigers enter the week on a nation-best 19-game winning streak and have managed to survive a few close calls in SEC play to remain on top. The Bulldogs are the top team in NET ratings and that has been backed up by them steadily mowing down West Coast Conference teams by 30+ points.

There’s varying opinions on who should grab the other No. 1 seeds. Palm and Miller have Kansas tabbed for one of them and that is backed up by the Jawhawks owning a nation-high eight Quadrant 1 victories. Miller, Lunardi, and Sweeney have Baylor in one of those spots but that is starting to look shaky. The defending national champions have dropped two of its last three but have seven Quad 1 victories to back them up. Meanwhile, Purdue has re-emerged as a possible one-seed after ripping off five straight wins.

Other Notable Seeds

Kansas, Purdue, and Baylor could very well end up with a No. 2 seed on Selection Sunday and they’ll have company. Teams like Arizona, Duke, Kentucky, Wisconsin are in the conversation for a two-seed with the hopes of elevating themselves into one-seed territory. Providence, Houston, Michigan State, and Texas Tech are lurking as well.

Who’s In/Out

The real tension comes from the bubble and determining who will sneak their way into the tournament and who will be left out.

Entering the month of February, the likes of Oregon, Creighton, San Francisco, North Carolina, and Wyoming, among others, are all squarely on the bubbles. Opinions on their respective fates vary with a team like Florida, for example, in the field of 68 for some experts while others have them on the outside looking in.

There’s still plenty of time for these teams to improve their standing but they’ll have to move fast.

Conference Breakdown

ACC - 4 (Lunardi and Miller), 3 (Palm and Sweeney)
Big 12 - 8 (Miller), 7 (Lunardi and Sweeney), 6 (Palm)
Big East - 7 Lunardi, Palm, and Sweeney), 6 (Miller)
Big Ten - 7 (Lunardi, Miller, Palm, and Sweeney)
MWC - 4 (Lunardi, Miller, Palm, and Sweeney)
Pac-12 - 5 (Miller and Palm), 4 (Lunardi and Sweeney)
SEC - 8 (Palm), 7 (Sweeney), 6 (Lunardi and Miller)
WCC - 4 (Lunardi, Miller, Palm, and Sweeney)